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I am no longer updating this section as I have not been able to source this information from the internet. If any site visitor has the data since this date, I would be interesting in publishing it for the benefit of this site's readers.

Q4 2000 data

              Net new  Contract   Pre-pay  New Total (31/12/00)

VODAFONE      1.42m    n/k        n/k      11.66m
BT CELLNET    1.51m    3.55m      6.69m    10.24m 
ORANGE        1.56m    3.08m      6.75m    9.83m 
ONE2ONE       1.20m    1.92m      6.40m    8.32m 
Virgin mobile 0.26m                        0.675m

Total         5.69m                        40.05m

Analysis: Orange fastest growing network again this quarter, closely followed by BT Cellnet and then Vodafone. Overall, Vodafone remains market leader, BT Cellnet in second place then Orange and finally one2one. However Orange are now second place in the market to Vodafone for pre-pay mobiles.

- Vodafone crossed the 11m subscriber mark during the quater.
- BT Cellnet crossed the 9m and 10m subscriber marks during the quarter!
- Orange crossed the 9m subscriber mark during the quarter.
- one2one crossed the 8m subscriber mark during the quarter.

Over 40m mobile phones now active in the UK! More analysis and market share information will be added to the site in due course.

Third quarter of 2000:

            2000 Q3*    (2000 Q2)**   TOTAL SUBSCRIBERS***   MARKET SHARE

BT CELLNET  669,000     670,000       8.74m                  25.42% (-0.93%)
ONE2ONE     1,120,000   1,000,000     7.12m                  20.71% (+1.05%)
ORANGE      1,100,000   1,200,000     8.28m                  24.09% (+0.67%)
VODAFONE    877,000     572,000       10.24m                 29.78% (-0.79%)

TOTAL       3,766,000   3,442,000     34.38m                 100%   

* Net increase in pre-pay and contract subscribers during July - September 2000.
** Net increase in pre-pay and contract subscribers during April - June 2000.
*** New total number of pre-pay and contract subscribers at September 30th 2000.


A quarter dominated by the growth of one2one and Orange -  they are the fastest growing networks this quarter with approx 1.1  million net connections each, one2one having a slight lead over Orange, followed by Vodafone at 0.877 million, and finally BT Cellnet at 0.669m, which is only 60% of the growth rate of one2one this quarter.

- Vodafone crossed the 10m subscriber mark during the quarter (in September)
- Orange crossed the 8m subscriber mark during the quarter.
- one2one crossed the 7m subscriber mark during the quarter.

Overall a very healthy quarter with over 3.7m net connections, and a total of over 34 million mobile phone users in the UK (assuming 1 phone per user).

If the overall growth rates of the individual networks seen during Q1, Q2 and Q3 2000 continue in the same way during Q4 2000, then Orange will become Britain's second most popular network either before the end of the year 2000 or early next year, behind Vodafone, pushing BT Cellnet into third place. This will be the first change in 'ranking' in the UK since Orange overtook one2one in the mid 1990's.

In terms of market share, one2one in particular and Orange continue to increase market share at the expense of BT Cellnet and Vodafone.

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Last updated: 13th October 2000